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Mapping for sustainability

Open Green Map is a platform for charting nature, culture, social justice and sustainable living resources.


Welcome to the Open Green Map platform, also known as OGM2. Designed for community mapping, this platform is ready for all kinds of mapmakers - from students to professionals - who want to draw attention to sustainability in their own city, town or community.

OGM2 is versatile, allows embedding, import and export of data, and it is usable on any type of device. We also offer a free iOS app which you can download from the AppStore.

OGM2 uses Green Map System’s globally designed iconography. You can add your own symbols, too, and use them alongside our 170 icons for nature, culture, social justice and green living. Each site, area or route can display multiple icons. We recommend setting up to 8 icons. Each of your sites can be included on more than one map. You can cover a simple theme map or make a comprehensive overview of sustainable, climate-smart and healthy resources. See the sets of Icons under Browse at Icons.

Much more about this nonprofit’s global network and impacts in 65 countries, including its shared engagement and mapping resources, and inspiring examples and outcomes is at You can also find more details about the platform, together with demo videos links, on its About page.

OGM2, is powered by the GISCollective open source mapping platform.

How to use this guide

From this guide, learn to become a Green Mapmaker, and how to set up your own mapping project using this platform.

If you would like to contribute to the code or install the platform locally, go to Develop.

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